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Project Overview

Project Overview


Directed, designed, and managed the release of the 1stdibs Trade experience. Produced a connected platform for professional interior designers to network with high intent buyers and top tier dealers. Enabled registered Trade members to build an interactive portfolio within the 1stdibs ecosystem.


Michelle Thayer (Design & UX)
Caroline Ho (Development)
Andrew Scagnelli (Development)


While working on a complete rebuild of 1stdibs.com, a company initiative to produce and build out a service focused on helping connect, as well as display a working portfolio for Trade members came underway. Trade members are registered members of the Interior Design community, many of them being well known celebrities in the industry. Our goal was to produce a platform that allowed members of the Trade to both create an online 1stdibs contained portfolio of work, as well as connect with high intent buyers and globally recognized dealers. An ecosystem of interior design photography, design accolades, press features, fully written project descriptions and collections of favorites would be built over a short 3 month period, ready to launch at the beginning of Q2 in 2016.

My favorite part of this project was how it came to fruition. We were given a very short amount of time and extremely limited resources (one designer, two developers and a single strategist) to pull together an entire platform. This was also a project built completely from scratch, and although this was a huge undertaking, it allowed us to build from a new framework without the slow down of an problematic legacy infrastructure.

We kicked off with a few strategy focused brainstorms, devised a plan for , quickly began sketching concepts and building high fidelity prototypes. Within a month, we had a solid framework in place, where we began building out specific functionalities, such as the navigation and content display modules. By the end of the second month, the vision for the product was in full swing and we began pushing more refined ideas into action.

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